Amici del nostro pianeta

Meet our consumers’ needs evolving array is not cost-free with regard to the environment.

There is indeed a relationship between the amount produced and efficiency of production processes.

With decreasing amounts then to grow the alternatives available to us that are provided as consumers and users also increases the consumption of natural resources and energy: processes tend to become less efficient.

E ‘therefore an imperative for a responsible company to focus on the analysis of the production processes and, consequently, efficient energy use.

Mab during these years has put in place a set of processes that have led the company to a highly efficient use of natural resources:

– A cogeneration plant for electricity production from 400,000 kw h: avoids the emission into the atmosphere of 160,000 kg of carbon dioxide.

Recovering the heat of combustion fumes it is produced by hot water process avoiding the use of methane gas.

– A photovoltaic system from 40,000 kwh year: 15,000 kg less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere !!

– Restructuring of all production processes:

Water: -80% methane: -50%

We are looking then every day to decrease the amount of soaps and other chemical agents used in our production processes in order to get more and more easy to clean drains and purification.


Another very topical subject and I see that there already is the use of light energy with LED technology.

Since the ’70s the use of artificial light sources has grown in exponential form. As at first glance it may seem marginal in a production plant actually consumption for lighting express very high numbers: also here are investing to replace short all our traditional lighting systems with LED with an estimated reduction of consumption of about 50%


A particular issue is instead recycled fibers, we are really just at the beginning of this era, and for now we are talking about more than “marketing environmentally friendly” than reality with significant environmental impacts.

It ‘still a promising sector where we are also present